About Hard Money Loans

Loan ProgramHard Money
Min Loan Amount$75,000
Interest Rate10-12%
Origination Fees2-3%
Processing Fees$1,250
First-Time LLC Fee$250
Loan Term6-12 Months
Max LTARVup to 75%
Max LTC100%
Min Credit Score600
Draw Request Fee$200
Extension Fees1% for 3 Months
Reserves Required12 Months
Regions LendingColorado & Texas

A Private Money, or “Hard Money” Loan…

…is a short-term loan secured by the property itself and used by investors to purchase and repair a property before the sale. Real Estate Investors typically use hard money loans to purchase, rehab, and sell a property within 3 months to a year. These loans are ideal for financing properties in poor condition or when you need to close quickly.

Hard money loans, also referred to as rehab loans or private money loans, have lower qualifications, and require significantly less paperwork for approval compared to banks. Most of our Freedom Money customers receive funding within 2 weeks. Freedom Private Money and its underwriting guidelines care more about the property and its potential after repair value (ARV) than about the borrower’s background as the loan is guaranteed by the property. However, a higher credit score will earn you a lower interest rate.

Freedom Private Money is a hard money lender that helps experienced flippers and landlords finance investment projects.

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