About Freedom Private Money

As an experienced HML lender, we excel at creating and funding market-wise repeat borrowers. Since we know that capital is just one tool you need to reach your goals, we also deliver a level of personalized service you won’t find at any other lender. At Freedom Private Money, we partner with you every step of the way to help you assess and analyze potential investments, and guide you toward the right program. We offer loans based primarily on property value. We provide hard money loans for rehabs and rentals in Central and South Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Colorado. Apply today, and let us help you achieve financial freedom.

Our Vision

As real estate investors look to take advantage of changing markets, increase their cashflow, and decrease their risk, the need for hard money loans has only increased. Some lenders have seen this growth as an opportunity for short-term profit, often at the long-term expense of either the borrower’s capacity or the investor’s best interest. We believe in a much larger and brighter vision: that when a lender pairs industry experience with deeply-personalized service to create educated borrowers and investors, everyone wins. With this philosophy, borrowers make wiser deal decisions, the lender solidifies consistent repeat business, and investors realize greater returns at lower risk.

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