8 Signs you are in love with real estate investing

8 Signs you are in love with real estate investing

Most of us have been in love before. Some of us fall in love more quickly or more often than others! Oh, that feeling! There is nothing like it.

Are you actually in love with with real estate investing?
You could be. Some of the very tell-tale signs of love between humans are also indicators you have fallen – and fallen hard – for real estate investing.


You ALWAYS think about real estate and real estate investing.

From the moment your eyes pop open in the morning until they drift shut at night, you have real estate on your mind. Driving by a beautiful house for sale, or a run-down house that is not for sale, or a rental or a new neighborhood or an old neighborhood – pretty much driving by ANYTHING – makes you think of real estate and investing.


You feel like you are HIGH!

Yes, you are operating in a state of bliss, that can only be explained by love. And, by a hefty profit to your portfolio from your last killer deal.

You want ALL properties to be pretty and well-done and great profit centers.

You can’t help but think of the possibilities for each and every little fixer-upper you see. You are in a pink cloud of pure love of real estate.

You’ve been feeling a little stressed. 

Yes, as lovely as it all is you are operating under intense conditions. Buying a place, whether for a fix and flip or fix and hold, certainly holds risks. And, you wouldn’t be human if the risk factor didn’t cause you at least a little stress at times! That unforeseen foundation issue or woes with building permits would cause anyone stress, so don’t feel badly about it. Own your stress, and overcome it.

You suddenly find yourself trying new things.

Maybe you’ve always been a modernist in decorating but all of a sudden you are installing shiplap walls. Maybe you’ve always been a silver gal and you find yourself installing bronzed hardware and fixtures! It’s OK, and it’s natural to push your boundaries a little when you are in love.

You also find you’re OK with things that used to be “so gross”.

Like… crawling under a house to look for issues. Like demoing a wall and seeing signs of prior rodents! Like, messing with plumbing! Yes, indeed, only love for real estate investing would drive you to such things.

You find yourself sweating.

Nothing like ripping up old linoleum to work up a sweat. Yes, this love affair has you sweating. Enough said.

You find their quirks… endearing!

That ridiculous shotgun hallway is just a chance to rearrange 4 bedrooms into 3, and add an extra bathroom. That galley kitchen isn’t hideous, it’s simply an open concept living space waiting to be revealed.


Oh yeah, you’ve got it bad. You are in love. With real estate investing.

You might still be in the giddy “in love” stage, but soon you will be into a deeper, more lasting love. You have found your soulmate.