What an investor should look for when it comes to the roof of a property.

Recently, Nick Sicilian met up with Mike from CMC Roofing in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Mike shared some valuable tips as to what an investor should look for when it comes to the roof of a property.

There are instances when an investor will not have easy access to the roof of a property he is considering for investment. This might be because it is a 2-story dwelling or many other reasons. If an actual physical inspection of the roof is not possible, then the next best step is to examine the attic. Often roof issues will be evident here. Look for signs of prior water leakage, and also for nails coming through the roof which can cause potential for leaks.

If it is possible to examine the actual roof, there are several things to look for. Not only is the installation work important, but the shingle itself is important. A lower rated shingle might be used to cut corners, but it will withstand much lower wind speeds and weather conditions, and the roof may lose shingles or become damaged easily.

Another thing to look for are nail pops – this is when nails have “popped” through the top shingle. This is a cause of leaks, as well as getting moisture into the sheetrock and can lead to damage and even mold issues.

Hail storms often cause roof damage. This will be apparent by black bruising on the shingle surface. The appearance of these bruises means the shingle mat has been broken by the hail. Sometimes shingle “blisters” are confused with hail damage. Blisters are caused by inadequate ventilation in the attic. The shingle blisters and then pops, which causes potential for leaks.

It’s very important that the attic has sufficient ventilation, both intake in the soffit and outake via vents. Improper ventilation not only causes energy costs to go up, as this heat makes it much harder to cool the house, but it is also a cause of roof damage.

Choosing a roofer who is knowledgeable about all aspects of roof installation along with investing in the proper roofing materials will no doubt save you money down the road.