30 Year Loan

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Loan Program30 Year Loan
Min Loan Amount$75,000
Interest RateStarting at 4.1%
Origination Fees2% – 3%
Processing Fees$1,750
First-Time LLC Fee$250
Max LTPP85%
Max LTV85%
Min Credit Score620
Prepayment Penalty3/2/1
Escrows (T&I)Yes
Rate BuydownUp to 0.9%

30 Year Loans

Our Loan Program has been designed for those investors looking for a 30 year product to hold their investment properties long term. This loan program can be used to hold rental properties in an entity for better asset protection purposes, used to close quickly on a rental property that doesn’t need any work, when you can’t qualify for conventional loans for whatever reason, or don’t want to go through the full document qualification process of a obtaining a bank loan.

Many of our investors use our fix and flip loan product and then roll the  loan into this program as a long term hold. Closing times average 2 weeks, credit scores from 620 and up and loan amounts from 75k to 500K. Our 30 year amortized loan  is a great financing option for non-owner occupied properties.

This overview provides common loan program guidelines for Freedom Private Money, LLC. Layering of risk attributes may affect the eligibility of loans meeting the general requirements above. Layering will be evaluated on a case by case basis and initial loan approval will be given prior to any loan disclosures being delivered. Exceptions may be accepted for certain transactions. This overview is not all inclusive and is subject to change without notice. Please see for Freedom Private Money’s Underwriting Requirements for additional information.

Freedom Private Money Loyalty Program

As loans are fully funded, we offer a 0.25% origination discount for every completed loan until the borrower receives just 2 points on every loan with Freedom Private Money.