Dads, you all rock! Real Estate Investor Dads, you’ve GOT THIS!

Dads, you all rock! Real Estate Investor Dads, you’ve GOT THIS!

There are all types of dads out there. There are hard-working dads and fun-loving dads. There are firefighter dads, military dads, office job dads, and construction worker dads. They all deserve a big cheer and thank you for all they do on Father’s Day this year! It’s a tough job being dad!

These days, more so than in times past, the role of “dad” is more flexible. Before this century, it was rare to find a dad that wasn’t a primary wage earner of the family and very likely the only wage earner. Many dads of past generations were not near as hands-on as our current crop of fathers. Today it is totally expected for dads to change diapers, warm bottles, and bathe kids. This was not the case a few generations past We probably all know a stay-at-home dad as well as a works-all-the-time dad. So, what exactly makes a man a good dad?

That is not a question that can be answered in a blog post! There are hundreds of different answers and none of them are wrong. What we CAN speak to is how real estate investing helps a man be a good dad throughout the course of their children’s lives.

Did we just say that? Yes, we did. And here are the reasons why we stand behind that bold statement.

When real estate investing goes from a part time gig to a full time career, the game changes. As a full-time investor, the day is yours to do as you wish with. As a real estate investor, you have the ability to CHOOSE to drop your young kids at school and pick them back up in the afternoons, if this is important to you as a parent. Or, if you have a newborn at home, you can choose to be home for 2 hours in the afternoon so that your wife can get a break to take care of herself and her own to-do list. Bottom line is, when you are a full time
investor, you make your own schedule, and as a dad, this is pretty powerful.

Real estate investing may not be a straight trajectory to the top, but it’s a great way for those with the savvy to build wealth. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy family trips, and the ability to treat your family to many experiences. A healthy real estate portfolio will grow as your family grows, and can be leveraged to afford things like universities, special summer sports camps, and more.

Real estate investing is a great way to show your children, through your own example, how to set and achieve goals. Imagine seeing through your children’s eyes the transformation of a discarded, run down property into a stylish, sparkling home with multiple bidders from an open house.

Successful real estate investors understand risks. They can discern between a wise, calculated risk and a poor, unwise gamble. This is a great skill to have when it comes to parenting. Because, parenting is full of risks! Knowing when to give in, when to stand firm, when to push harder, when to comfort, and when to push back are going to help
during those teen years. Those same instincts that help grab those great investments will come in very handy.

Same goes for negotiating the deal. Real estate investors are keen negotiators. They negotiate with sellers, buyers, and contractors all the time. The best negotiators are the investors that come out on top. Many of the best negotiators will be up against their toughest adversary when their teen is coming into young adulthood. Negotiating car privileges, party rules, and expectations of behavior are not for the faint of heart.

Dads, you all rock! Real Estate Investor Dads, you’ve GOT THIS!

Happy Father’s Day to all!