You Flipped it. Now what?!

You’ve bought a place, and you’ve put in the work to renovate and get it ready to turn a profit. Now you’re ready to sell or rent! But wait – There are a few vitally important things to keep in mind when it comes time to list your investment property for sale or for rent. Here, Natalia Alaine, Director of Marketing for Freedom Private Money, uses some of her marketing know-how to help you succeed with your listing.

Hopefully, you’ve done your homework on comps and have set a fair price to turn a nice profit. Photos and description is what will get those potential buyers to your listing. This video focuses on the description and how to maximize its effect.

Remember, although an agent can use the MLS database to perform a comprehensive search, your buyer is doing their own homework, and it’s highly likely they are using Zillow and Realtor.com to find new listings.

This is why a good description means everything. Zillow uses search terms exclusively, so include the words that might be what a buyer would search. “Fenced backyard”, “open concept”, “natural light”, and “updated kitchen” are all highly searched phrases. Other great words are beautiful, move-in ready, and landscaping.

If your renovation has been a paint and carpet job, be careful of using phrases like “newly renovated” as the buyer will be looking for something substantial. If you over-inflate your description, you will lose the buyer the minute they walk in the door.

Another point to keep in mind is that agents may search out terms like “highly motivated” or “must sell.” These are great for their clients as they are a strong indication that the seller will negotiate on price. These are not good terms for a seller hoping to get full asking price should use!

Finally, just as important as using great words and phrases, leave out the unnecessary words. Words like spacious, elegant, must see, large, modern, and precious are all just fluff! Stick to the words that will bring your prospects. If you have a pool, say so, and if there is a garage, include the word garage! These are the things that your buyers are using in the Zillow search fields, if it’s of importance to them.

Happy Selling!